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I offer a number of talks and workshops focused on helping individuals put together clearer and more compelling presentations. I work with each organization to design a talk or workshop that best suits their needs. A full listing of workshops can be found on my CV, available here.

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Understanding presentations. In this talk, we cover some of the essentials: understanding how we hear and process human language, the importance of arrangement, and writing and delivering for the ear.

Communicating science. In this talk or workshop, we focus on distilling science and research finding into accessible presentation that incorporate visuals and storytelling. This talk is usually of interest to scientists, academics, government organizational workers.

Communicating policy. In this talk, we focus on strengthening policy pitches with clear argument and motivating language. This talk is usually of interest to policy makers, non-profit organizations, and public administrators.

Talks and workshops: Text


Talks usually range from 1-2 hours. All talks are interactive and have time for Q&A.

Workshops can range from 3-hours, 1-day, or 3-days. A workshop is different from a talk in the sense that there is time for participants to practice talks and get some feedback

  • A 3-hour workshop allows participants to discuss speech principles AND get in some peer reviewed practice.

  • A 1-day workshop allows participants to discuss speech principles, work-up a presentation, and get some practice and peer review.

  • A 3-day workshop, allows participants to discuss principles, work-up a few presentations and some practice and peer review.

Talks and workshops: Text


For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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